Dave Dineen

StatsDave Dineen

Currently Resides: Wauwatosa, WI
Height: 6′ 0″
Weight: 170 lbs
Education: BBA – University of WI- Madison, 1990
Years Racing: that might give away my age
Racing Classifications: M45+ M123 Cross & M45+ M123 Road
Strengths On The Bike: Staying upright
Strengths Off The Bike: Antagonism
Nickname: Dino
Family: Bride = Shelly, Daughters = Allie = 21, Tori = 20
Favorite Movies: The Hurt Locker – Tommy Boy – Fletch

In My Own Words

I spend my off-season doing: NCAA and WIAA Ice Hockey Officiating.
My goals and expectations for 2015 are: A new Position at the office has not helped the fitness, but I hope to stay healthy to produce some solid racing results and do whatever I can do to support the Masters 1/2/3. Hopefully fall will allow a Cyclocross Focus for 2015.
I started racing because: Riding my bike was great off-season work for hockey training when I was younger, and I couldn’t just ride my bike without a goal to work towards.
My cycling mentors and/or influences are: Greg Lemond, after all, his in-laws were my neighbors as I grew up.
I consider my finest moments on the bike to be: My 2013 WCA Criterium State Championship, my 2012 WCA Cyclocross Cup Series win, and my 2012 State Cyclocross Championship.
The one thing I’ve done on a bike that I will never do again: A 60 minute critical power test. I wonder why nobody bothered to tell me that you can get the same data from a 20 minute test until after I was already finished?
When I’m not on my bike, I like to: Explore different recovery methods.
Something you probably don’t know about me is: Salty over Sweet every time!

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