June 21, 2016

June 11, 2016 27th Annual Trek 100 Ride for Childhood Cancer

Once again KS Energy Services Team Wisconsin had a great showing at this year’s 27th Annual Trek 100 Ride for Childhood Cancer. Located at Trek Bicycles World Headquarters out in beautiful Waterloo, WI our team had a great showing. Everyone from the team participated through their donations, fund raising and riding in support of the MACC Fund.

It was a HOT 90+ star studded degree day with celebrities like Brett Favre, Bo Jackson, & Jens Voigt supporting this great cause. The team has raised over $6,000 so far with more donations still coming to help fight and find a cure for the many children who battle this disease every day. Even though it was a hot day you didn’t hear anyone complaining about the conditions because what we were going through physically and mentally had no comparison to what the children we were riding for have to endure with countless treatments and tests. I know whatever the conditions KS Energy Services Team Wisconsin would be out there riding in support.

Many of us had a few passing words with Brett, Bo, & Jens throughout the ride. Myself, I couldn’t help but ride up to Brett in the first mile out on the road and ask him why he didn’t shave his legs for riding. He smiled and let out a little laugh. I mean he is a Tri guy now right?

It was a great day to be out with teammates & other fellow riders from every walk of life to raise money for the MACC Fund. Remember, we are fortunate to have our heath and the ability to do what we do on the bike so let’s make sure we use that ability to bring hope to others. To learn more about the MACC Fund check out

Trek 100

Kelly Roberts snapped this picture while Teammates out front were showing Jens Voigt what the back of a KS Energy Services jersey looked like.

Freddy, Kelly & Jens

Freddy, Kelly & Jens

Trek 100 Trek 100

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