January 1, 2018

MOSH to Become New Title Sponsor of Team Wisconsin Cycling

After several years as a secondary sponsor, the team would like to welcome the Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (MOSH) as the new title sponsor of Team Wisconsin Cycling!

Thanks to Mark Alberg and MOSH for always making the time to provide first aid at the races!

MOSH brings the team further long term support not only to support general team expenses, but more importantly serves as our #1 choice for any and all orthopedic care and services for both injury prevention and injuries.  The local cycling community as a whole has benefitted greatly from the MOSH support at all the key events like Tour of Americas Dairyland, Whitnall Spring Classic and other various races and events in SE Wisconsin.

If you want to connect with MOSH due to injuries or other various symptoms, feel free to reach out to one of the TW riders and we will get you connected to our patient liaison for the support you need to get you back on the bike or other activities fast!



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