Ben Stengel

StatsBen Stengel

Currently Resides: Greenfield, WI
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 180lbs
Education: Purdue University & Medical College of Wisconsin
Years Racing: 3
Racing Classification: Cat 3 Road, 4 Track, 4 CX
Strengths On The Bike: Sprinting, Bad Weather
Strengths Off The Bike: Swimming, Weight Training
Nickname: The Griz
Family: Mom, Dad, Sister, Bro-in-law
Favorite Movies: Transformers, National Treasure, Facing the Giants, Dodgeball
Currently on my MP3: MxPx, Framing Hanley, Tiesto, Maino ft T-Pain

Race Highlights

4th overall in Superweek (2011)

In My Own Words

I spend my off-season doing: Riding less intensively and better understand nutrition.
My goals and expectations for this season are: Place high in WCA Cat 3 overall, help out for ToAD and upgrade on the track.
I started racing because: Brent convinced me to give it a try. It was awesome!
My cycling mentors and/or influences are: Brent Emery, Jeff McKillip, Todd Shellenberger.
I consider my finest moment on the bike to be: Staying upright throughout most of the hairy Cat 4 races last season.
The one thing I’ve done on a bike that I will never do again: Not check my brakes before starting a slippery downhill in the rain.
When I’m not on my bike, I like to: Travel, Cook/Eat, Explore Museums
Something you probably don’t know about me is: I used to wood carve when I was a kid.

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