Brien Christopherson

Brien ChristophersonStats

Currently Resides:  Wauwatosa, WI
Height: 6′ 4″
Weight: 185
Education: BS Chemistry, M.B.A.
Years Racing: 1
Racing Classifications: Masters 4
Strengths On The Bike: Willing to learn and try anything
Strengths Off The Bike: Try to be a supportive teammate
Nickname: bc
Family: wife Pam and two boys, Adam (16) and Evan (14)
Favorite Movies: Saw Super 8 recently and liked it.  Don’t watch a lot of movies
Currently on my MP3:  Parquet Floors

Race Highlights

My first year racing and had a blast.  Some great moments, some very humbling.  Getting over the finish with me and the bike in one piece with a big smile on my face made for a year I won’t forget.  Hoping to place better next year.

In My Own Words

I spend my off-season doing:  Lots of work and a bit of winter cycling and skiing
My goals and expectations for 2012 are:  Help my teammates get on the podium.
I started racing because: I wanted to challenge myself
My cycling mentors and/or influences are: Fellow Team WI riders Jason Kayzar and Tom Winkel
I consider my finest moment on the bike to be: My first race in Team WI red
When I’m not on my bike, I like to:  Think about the next time I’ll be on my bike
Something you probably don’t know about me is:  I was once a state archery champion

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