September 9, 2017

Walk for Wishes

By Matt Riley

On Saturday August 26th, Kevin and myself went down to the Milwaukee Summer Fest grounds to help out with the Make-a-Wish Foundation 5k run or 1 mile walk to raise funds for children that have been dealt a tough card in life. This is our second year helping out at the event and we were both excited to get things started. Our task was to lead the race on our bikes and ensure the runners are going the right direction, alert walks, and other users of the trails that runners where coming by.

I arrived a bit early to enjoy a cup of coffee at Colectivo and take in the lake view before the event started. Once Kevin arrived we took off to check in at registration, get a course map, and go for a lap of the course just to make sure we knew the course. Part way though the warm up lap I got a flat but lucky I had sealant in my tire and it was able to plug the hole before all of the air leaked out. Kevin and I made it back to the start line and waited for the runners to get lined up. The weather was calm and the runners were ready to get moving. In a flash the runners started and we were off and moving. The lead pack of runners thinned down after the first mile to one runner and he looked like he was going to pull off the win as long as Kevin and I directed him in the right way. Everyone we saw that made it to the finish line had a smile on their face and were truly enjoying their time.

The event went off without a hitch and gave me the reminder that when people come together we can accomplish great things. For everyone reading this, I challenge you to help out with an event in your community and give back. Bring your friends and family and make it happen and I promise you won’t regret it.

Big shout out to KS Energy Services, MOSH, Emery’s, Clif Bar, Trek, and Country Financial for their support.


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