August 8, 2011

WORS #7: Battle of Cam-Rock

Kayzar Camrock

Photo Copyright Extreme Photography Unlimited. Jason Kayzar rolling thorugh some tight singletrack at Camrock.

The weekend began on a dry note, as the course was extremely dry on Saturday for pre-riding. The venue was Cam-Rock Park, a park between neighboring towns Cambridge and Rockdale.

Characterized by tight technical single track and loose sandy clay, the course was already difficult. With the extremely dry conditions, the soil was beginning to break up and sliding out was a real possibility on every corner.

The course featured two consecutive climbs right from the gun followed by a field section and finally sweeping into a technical decent before joining the main trail system and continuing the lap.

Passing opportunities were few and far between with every opportunity made more difficult by the extremely rough passing lanes.

The area got some rain the night and morning before the race making them quick. The sandy content of the soil soaked up the water and dried out very quickly. Citizen and sport riders were treated to an amazing course.

The elite riders were not as lucky. After a blistering first lap on excellent conditions it began to rain on the second lap.

The rain made some sections faster, but some sections almost impassable. Again because of the sandy soil, the track dried and laps 3 and 4 were fast.

Joe Maloney had a good first lap entering the single track in the top 10, but suffered a few crashes on lap 2. Laps 3 and 4 had a fast course, but the legs and lungs were burning.

Overall an amazing weekend one an excellent trail system. Being so close to all of our homes certainly helped too.

Joe Maloney – 15th overall elite male
Jason Kayzar – 3rd sport SS


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