July 25, 2011

WORS#6: Fun at Franklin

FRANKLIN, WI — Blistering climbs and screaming descents made for a challenging, but super fun 6-mile race course at Crystal Ridge on Sunday, July 24. KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin put on a great show and took podium spots in all categories. This marks the halfway point in the WORS 2011 season.

Course Description: After starting up a long steep gravel climb, you descent around the “cap” a long open grassy area with a new wooden berm built this year. After diving into the first section of single track you come shooting out into another passing lane and then down along the river onto the “alpha trail.” Some technical and very tight single track is laced through twisty and hilly woods in this section of the trail.

The alpha trail pops out onto the back side of Crystal Ridge where the second big climb takes place up and around the back of the hill. A wide open flat section leads you into the third section of single track which is very fast, but littered with tree roots, and rocks. From here the climb to the top of the ski slope takes place.

Once at the top and new for 2011 a screaming descent down a section of switch backs sends riders tearing down the mountain. One final short section of single track and riders are back at the start leading up the long gravel climb to begin their second lap.


  • Joseph Maloney 9th Overall Elite (Cat 1)
  • Tim Racette 21st Overall Elite (Cat 1)
  • Nick Frye 19th Overall Comp (Cat 2)
  • Mikey Verhagen 37th Overall Comp Cat 2)
  • Jason Kayzar 1st Overall SS Sport (Cat 3)
Top 12 Elite Men

Top 12 Elite Men at WORS Franklin.

Nick Frye WORS Franklin

Jason Kayzar takes 1st place in his age group at Franklin.”

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